Puerto Escondido

Tucked away along the Oaxacan coastline lies the “hidden gem of Mexico”, Puerto Escondido. It’s not that time slows down here, it’s more like each moment becomes richer, deeper and more rewarding. Happily immersed in Oaxaca’s simple pleasures, your true nature awakens. Adventurer. Foodie. Yogi. Nature lover. Surfer. Beachcomber. Global escape artist. Even passions you haven’t discovered, (and soon will). In Puerto Escondido, you find the destination you seek: inviting, enticing and mesmerizing. But this is only the beginning. What you truly find here is yourself.

A Masterplanned Eco Beach Resort Community

Tres Aguas Renders

*Renderings are purely conceptual, and can be modified or changed by the developer at any time. 

Tres Aguas Location

Located 5 mins from the Town of Chila and 15 mins from Mexico’s “hidden gem” Puerto Escondido, Tres Aguas is nestled in one of the best oceanfront locations in Mexico. An area blessed with views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the Oaxacan Emerald Coast, the natural Agua Dulce Laguna, and a River Border. With local rapid airport expansion, foreign investments, tourism increases, and rising real estate values, now is the best time to get in early as Tres Aguas continues to develop.

Oceanfront Lots

Now is the perfect time to secure your slice of paradise, as these oceanfront villa lots offer not just a breathtaking view but act as an investment in beachfront property for significant appreciation. Our team is always a call away to help with every step of the process. Join the discerning few who recognize the lasting value and immense potential of oceanfront living at Tres Aguas.

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